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Tang Liangzhi Meets with Jake Cefolia, Vice President of United Airlines
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On 13th, Tang Liangzhi, Deputy Secretary General of Chengdu CPC Committee, Mayor of Chengdu met with Jake Cefolia, Vice President of Sales of Atlantic and Pacific, United Airlines.


Tang Liangzhi Said, in recent years, as the continuous rise of its opening up, Chengdu’s aviation industry has witnessed a rapid growth and attain the title of No.4 Aviation City in China. Now Chengdu is striving to create itself into a gateway city and airline hub. In fact, it is a wise move for UA to choose Chengdu as its first city to establish direct flight to the US. He suggested UA to seize the opportunity, set up more airlines to other American cities, build an loop airline between Chengdu and the US and promote an in depth and wide scale pragmatic cooperation in terms of economy and commerce, tourism and culture.


Jake Cefolia said, he appreciate Chengdu’s support on setting up the direct flight and the airline operation, the success of Chengdu – San Francisco airline gives a greater confidence to the UA to set up more airlines. The UA will start to discuss the possibility of the second airline and hope the UA to be a part of Chengdu’s rapid development.


Liu Shoucheng, Vice Mayor of Chengdu, Lyu Tianyi, Deputy Director of Chengdu Municipal Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and Director of Chengdu Municipal Logistics Office attended the meeting.


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