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Tang Liangzhi signed Establishing Sister City Agreement with Chiang Mai Prefectural
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On March 30th, Chengdu signed Establishing Sister City Agreement with Chiang Mai Thailand, which marked the official establishment of sister city relations. Before the signing ceremony, Mayor Tang Zhiliang, Vice Secretary of Municipal CPCC met with Suriya Basa Bandy, the prefectural of Chiang Mai and attended the signing ceremony jointly.

Tang expressed his sincere congratulations to the signing of the agreement. He said, Chengdu has a long history of friendly cooperation with Chiang Mai.  The two parties have carried out pragmatic cooperation in various fields and yielded fruitfully. Chengdu is an important gateway for Chinese opening to the West and Chiang Mai is an important city of the South Silk Roadand also the center of Northern Thailand. The two cities both occupied an important position in the One Belt One Road Construction the Chinese government initiated. Chengdu and Chiang Mai are important tourism cities between China and Thailand. It's hoped that with the direct flight from Chengdu to Chiang Mai as an opportunity, intensive cooperation in bilateral tourism industry can be promoted and win-win situation for mutual benefits in various fields can be constructed. Tang mentioned that with the official establishment of the sister city relations, the two cities enter a phase of friendly relations. Chengdu welcomed Thailand students to study in Chengdu and became the envoy of Sino-Thailand friendly exchange together with promoting bilateral cooperation.

Komate Kamalanavin, Thailand Consul General in Chengdu, Chao Xiaoliang, Chinese Consul General in Thailand, Zhu Zhihong, standing member of Municipal CPCC and Vice Mayor, Mao Zhixiong, Assistant to Mayor and Party Secretary in Chengdu University, Yuan Xu, Municipal Deputy Secretary General, Lu Sheng, Director of the Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and related staffs from the Municipal Education Bureau, Municipal Logistics Bureau, Municipal Commerce Committee, Municipal Tourism Bureau, Municipal  Association of Industry and Commerce and Jinjiang District government accompanied and attended the signing ceremony.


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