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Mao Zhixiong Met with Consul-General of Singapore in Chengdu
Origin:成都市人民政府外事侨务办公室 Release Time:2018-06-21 16:06 Read: Degree
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On January 29, Mao Zhixiong, Deputy Head of the Chengdu Municipal Cultural System Reform and Cultural Industry Development Leadership Group, met with Pang Chee Wee, Consul-general of Singapore in Chengdu.


Mao Zhixiong began by congratulating Pang Chee Wee for his new posting, thanked the Singapore consulate for the tremendous assistance provided to facilitate a Chengdu delegation's visit to Singapore in early January, introduced in details situations regarding the preparation of the China-ASEAN Arts School, and expressed the hope for the Singaporean consulate to promote Singaporean institutions of higher education in fine arts to form friendly school partnerships with their counterparts in Chengdu, to encourage more Singaporean arts students to study in Chengdu, and to strengthen interactions and exchanges in fine arts education between the two sides.


Pang Chee Wee thanked the Chengdu Municipal Government for all the support provided conducive to the Singaporean consulate's works, indicated the wish to widely promote Singapore's cultural features in Chengdu and to expand cooperation between the two sides in fields such as humanities and education, and stated the desire to recommend the China-ASEAN Arts School to the government, higher education institutions and relevant organizations in Singapore.


Relevant persons in charge at the Chengdu Municipal Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Education and Chengdu University also attended the meeting.


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