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Korea Trade Insurance Corporation to Set Up Representative Office in Chengdu
Origin:成都市人民政府外事侨务办公室 Release Time:2018-06-27 16:06 Read: Degree
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On February 6, Chengdu Municipal Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office held a meeting with Kim Jinche, chief candidate for the head of the future Chengdu representative office of the Korea Trade Insurance Corporate (K-sure). Kim reported about the approval that was received from the China Insurance Regulatory Commission and the company's plan to establish a representative office in Chengdu, and the two sides also exchanged opinions regarding jointly propelling collaborations between Chengdu and South Korea in fields such as economy, trade and finance.


K-sure is the official export credit agency under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of South Korea, and is primarily charged with providing various types of risk insurances to South Korean enterprises and financial firms in order to fuel expansion in import and export and drive growth in overseas investment. Sitting President and CEO of the company Moon Jae-do was previously the Vice Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy (2014.07-2016.01). Currently, K-Sure operates overseas representative offices in 17 cities across the globe such as New York, Paris, Tokyo and Dubai, and its Chengdu branch, which is planned to officially open for business in March 2018, is going to be the third of its kind in China after Beijing and Shanghai.



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