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Gimcheon is famous for its springs and rivers through the ages. Since the water resources are regarded more valuable than golden, it has got the name Gimcheon, which means Golden River or Golden Spring. As an important city in Gyeongsang-bukdo, Korea, and with a population of 160,000 and a area of 1,005.5 square meters, Gimcheon is located between Seoul, capital of Korea, and Bushan, the second largest city in Korea.

Gimcheon, the hub of transportation in central Korea, has a strategic position. It is located at the borders of Gyeongsang-bukdo, Gyeongsang-namdo and Cholla-namdo, with Seoul-Pusan Expressway, Seoul-Pusan Railway, and the High Speed Railway which is under construction, passing through. This traffic intersection consolidates Gimcheon’s position as the hub of transportation and the centre of logistics.

As a cultural city with long history, Gimcheon is regarded as origin of Loyalty, Fealty and Courtesy. The famous Jikjisa Temple, located at the suburbs of Gimcheon, was set up at the age of Goguryeo over 1,500 years ago. Besides that, Gimcheon are famous for its gongs and brushes,which are designated by the Korean government as intangible culture heritages. And its well-known traditional folk music is designated by the Gyeongsangbuk-do government as the No.8 Intangible Heritage.

Gimcheon has more than 200 industrial enterprises in the fields of foodstuff, electronics, machinery, petrochemical, fibre, etc. The majority of the enterprises are small and medium-sized; however they have advanced management mode and production equipment, as well as high production efficiency. Gimcheon established sister-city relationship with Chengdu in November, 2000.


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