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Medan, the capital of Sumatra, Indonesia, is the largest city with the strongest comprehensive strength in Sumatra, and the third largest city in Indonesia. Medan, facing Singapore across the strait of Malacca, is located at the centre of Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Triangle Economic Zone, as an important passway of Indonesian foreign trade and a key port.

With an area of 265.10 square kilometers, Medan has 21 districts and 151 sub-districts under its jurisdiction. Being regarded as the West Gate of Indonesia, Medan has complete infrastructure facilites, well-equiped airport and sea ports, relatively perfect transport system of railways and roads. In addition, Medan has 505 hectares of industry zone and 650 hectares of new industry zones, where mainly settle labor-intensive small and medium-sized enterprises, and some export companies. In the recent years, its annual increase of the output value is around 24.2%. Trade and finance are the pillar industries in Medan, which account for a large ratio of GDP. Medan has a strong commercial atmosphere due to its large population and its location at the centre of Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Triangle Economic Zone. In the fields of agriculture, animal husbandry, and fishery, it gains a over 40% increase per annum in fishery.

In 2001, Chengdu and Medan have reached the agreement to set up the sister-city relationship, And the fomal establishment of  sister-city relationship was built up on 17th December, 2002.


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