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Flemish Brabant(Belgium)
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Located in the middle of Belgium, the Province of Flemish Brabant surrounds Brussels, Capital of Belgium. As part of Flemish Region, its provincial capital is Leuven. It has an area of 2,106 square kilometers with a population of about 1.08 million. The current Governor is Lodewijk De Witte.

The Province of Flemish Brabant is one of the European transportation hubs which has advanced transportation infrastructure. It is connected with Brussels, nearby cities, and other countries by convenient expressway network. The Brussels Zaventem Airport is the gateway for tourists to get to Belgium and the Europe, at which are located a lot of international transportation, logistics companies as well as collecting and distributing centers of supermarkets.

The education of the Province of Flemish Brabant is world-famous, which is one of the most important scientific research centers. The Leuven University, ranking No. 1 in Belgium, No. 17 in the world, is situated in the provincial capital Leuven. Many institutions for academic research and high-tech zones provide strong support for knowledge-intensive enterprises related to food and nano technology.

With prosperous economy, the Province of Flemish Brabant has the lowest unemployment rate while the highest household’s average income in the Flemish Region. The food industry is the traditional competitive industry of the province.

On May 27, 2011, Chengdu and Flemish Brabant signed the Sister City Agreement.


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