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Honolulu (United States)
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Honolulu (Tanxiang Shan) is the capital city and a port of Hawaii. In Hawaiian, Honolulu means “sheltered bay” or “place of shelter”. Because it abounded with sandalwood (Tanxiang Mu) and exported a lot to China in the early years, it has been called by the Chinese as Tanxiang Shan. Honolulu is located in the Southeast end of Oahu of Hawaiian Islands in North Pacific and extended to the beach plain. It has a downtown area of 217 km² and a downtown population of 370,000. The total area of the city covers 1,544 km², including all the counties on Oahu. The total population is around 850,000, accounting for 4/5 of the Hawaiian population. Honolulu has a mild climate, with an annual average temperature of 24 degree and annual average precipitation volume of 600 millimeters. It was originally a small village of Polynesians. From the beginning of the 19th Century, it prospered due to the sandalwood trade and as a base of whale fishing. In 1850, it became the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii. The city of Honolulu was established in 1909, after Hawaii came under the jurisdiction of the United States in 1898. From 1959, Honolulu has become to the capital city of Hawaii and a center of economy, business and politics. The present Mayor is Peter Carlisle.

Tourism is the pillar of its economy, with 6-7 million tourists per year and the highest revenue among all the industries. Due to the expense of the Federal Defense Ministry, national defense in Hawaii is an industry which enjoys the 2nd highest revenue. Sugar and canned pineapple production account for more than half of the gross industrial output value, followed by port machinery, ship repair, publication and printing, cement, clothing and artware.

On September 14, 2011, Chengdu and Honolulu established the official sister-city relationship.


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