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Recife (Brazil)
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Recife is located on the Atlantic coast, at the southern part of the Cabo Branco cape at the far eastern end of the South American continent. As the capital of the state of Pernambuco and the country's fifth largest city, it is also northeastern Brazil's biggest city and port. Recife covers an area of 2,768 square kilometers and has a population of about 4.14 million. The city has always been a window for foreign exchanges for Brazil, and thus is distinguished for its rich history and culture.


Recife has a very advantageous geography especially because of its ports. Meanwhile, the port of Suape, just 47 km away, is one of northeastern Brazil's most important harbors with the ability to accommodate large vessels, and its distance from major ports of Europe, North America, South Africa and Argentina are all about the same (approximately 4,000 nautical miles).


Recife enjoys summer-like hot and humid weather all year round, with an annual average temperature of 24℃, and is one of Brazil's popular seaside tourist cities. Massive palm trees and contemporary Portuguese style architectural clusters can be seen in the city center, along with spanning beaches and throngs of laid-back tourists, truly epitomizing the classic Brazilian atmosphere. A diverse array of cultural heritage and colonial structures make Recife one of the Brazil's major sightseeing destinations, while criss-crossing canals and a myriad of bridges earn the city the nickname "Brazilian Venice". Fresh seafood, coconuts, mango and other tropic fruits constitute the city's unique culinary scene. 


Textile, sugar, food, canning, tobacco, oil, chemicals, shipbuilding, cement, glass and metallurgy are some of Recife's biggest industries, and the city is often referred to as the "sugar pot of South America". Sugar production and logistics have always been the pillar industries of Recife and even the whole state of Pernambuco.


Recife is home to famous Brazilian universities, research institutions, museums, zoo, botanic garden and cathedrals. Within city limits, the peninsula is the port district, the island is the central business district, the inland area is the residential and cultural districts, while the surrounding regions are mostly industrial.


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